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  Turks fruit

rating: (out of 4 stars)

The Netherlands; 1973
Directed by Paul Verhoeven; produced by Ron Houwer; written by Gerard Soeteman
Starring Rutger Hauer, Monique van de Ven, Tonny Huurdeman, Wim van den Brink, Hans Boskamp, Dolf de Vries

Below you will find a temporary review for this film. The real (better, more complete) review will be online very soon.

In 1999 this movie was chosen to be the best Dutch film of the century. I myself do not agree with that but I can understand why this movie was chosen. It is probably the most famous in The Netherlands based on one of the most famous books. Its influence is very big and Rutger Hauer is probably the most famous Dutch male star and Monique van de Ven the most famous Dutch female star of all time.

Rutger Hauer, who later starred in 'Blade Runner' is Erik, a sculptor who falls in love with Olga (Monique van de Ven). They have sex in a car, they have an accident with the same car, he finds her after she is recovered, her mother doesn't like him, her father does, they get married. Between those events they have a lot of sex. The first part of the movie is there to explain the later events. We learn to know the characters and all their little things. After an incident Olga walks away and Erik is heart-broken.

The story is a little slow but the movie is never boring. Hauer and Van de Ven have a kind of chemistry you don't see in Hollywood movies, it is great. There are very erotic scenes, very touching scenes and very funny scenes. The sex is pretty graphic but considering this movie is directed by Paul Verhoeven ('RoboCop', 'Total Recall', 'Starship Troopers') that is no surprise. See American movies like 'Basic Instinct' or 'Showgirls' to know what I mean. The photography is by Jan de Bond (who also shot 'Basic Instinct' and 'Cujo', 'Die Hard' and 'Lethal Weapon 3' to name a few), the man who directed 'Speed', 'Twister' and 'The Haunting'. In this movie you can see how gifted they are and why they both had their breakthrough in the US. A very good Dutch movie, although not my best, definitely worth seeing.

  Review by Reinier Verhoef