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Although it is quite difficult to do so, listing the 10 best films in a year is still easier than an overall Top 100. Less titles to choose from, and almost always a definite favorite. For myself I have some rules when it comes to listing the ten best films of a particular year. The most important rule: I must have seen at least eighty titles. As a result of this my first list is from 1993. When it comes to decades, I was less strict with myself, so from the 1930s on all of them are covered.

There is one other important aspect of my Top 10 lists. They are not as you might call them "end of the year"-lists. Therefore, in 2008 I can see a film released in 1993 and think it belongs in my Top 10 for that particular year. If so, I will add it to my 1993-list. With this I try to look at the US realease date.

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