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  De vierde man

rating: (out of 4 stars)

The Netherlands; 1983
Directed by Paul Verhoeven; produced by Rob Houwer; written by Gerard Soeteman
Starring Jeroen Krabbé, Renée Soutendijk, Thom Hoffman, Dolf de Vries, Geert de Jong

Below you will find a temporary review for this film. The real (better, more complete) review will be online very soon.

This is one of the better Dutch movies director Paul Verhoeven (RoboCop, Basic Instinct) made. Based on a novel by Gerard Reve this is a great erotic thriller. The leading role is played by Jeroen Krabbé ('The Fugitive', 'Left Luggage'). He plays the bi-sexual (or actually gay) Gerard as a very unpleasant man and he does that in a great and very daring performance. Also Renée Soutendijk as Christine and Thom Hoffman as Herman are pretty good. The direction does its work and with the photography by Jan de Bont (director of 'Speed' and the second 'Tomb Raider') everything looks great as well. All this and the story make 'De Vierde Man' a very good erotic thriller.

  Review by Reinier Verhoef